CSRNA Process

Obtains: CSRNA obtains referrals from courts, prosecutors, and lawyers for the placement of an individual in a community service program.

Matches: Once referred, CSRNA meets with the individual to find him/her a service opportunity that is both geographically convenient and in their preferred language.

Arranges: Once the optimal service opportunity is found, CSRNA contacts the service provider and schedules and arranges the individual's service time.

Monitors: Through ongoing communication with the service provider, CSRNA monitors the individual's attendance and compliance with the community service program. In the event that an individual fails to comply with his/her community service assignment, CSRNA will notify the court, prosecutor, and the client’s attorney immediately by telephone, fax, or e-mail.

Documents: Upon completion of the required hours of community service, CSRNA will provide a certificate documenting the individual's completion in order to show that the client has legitimately fulfilled his/her service requirements.


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